Auto Insurance

Perceiving the car insurance topic thoroughly is demanding task and it is as tricky as the Gordian knot. However, some basic insider knowledge can assist you in recognizing your options and you can actually save lot of money as well as extract maximum out of your car insurance policy. 

Here are some facts which will help you to get acquainted with the things covered in car insurance and also those which are not covered.

Car insurance policy usually covers property damage and bodily injury arising out of an accident. It provides coverage for the other’s property that your vehicle has destroyed. This policy also gives you a benefit of insuring physical injuries of people who were part of an accident. The Uninsured Motorist coverage rider helps you in the case of car accident, when opposite person has a fault and he doesn’t have car insurance. Most of the policies also offer collision coverage as a part of comprehensive coverage, under which the cover is absolute if your car damages any other car or physical property. It is limited to the current market value of your car and insurance company follows standard guidelines while doing car assessment.

Apart from things covered, you must also aware of the things which are usually not covered in car insurance. This is just to make you prepared for those daunting times. Sometimes, a car may be lost completely or damaged so severely that it will have no remaining value. In such a case, you must have comprehensive coverage, or else you will not get any compensation. If you are a car driver then you must know that many insurance policies will not cover vehicles, which are used for the business purpose. Medical bills related with car insurance are not likely covered in standard car insurance policies and you have to opt for more customized product if you want that benefit. Even if you have comprehensive car insurance policy, it doesn’t mean you are totally covered. There are some exclusions and limits which will exclude insurance coverage under natural circumstances like flood, earthquake and tornado. Insurance companies generally call this as an exception term, ‘acts of god’ in the policy.

Even if you have complete coverage on your vehicle, there are many of accidental circumstances where you would find yourself being refused of a claim. The best strategy will be to confirm all the terms and conditions with a company or insurance advisor prior to finalization of insurance registration process.