Auto Insurance

Unfortunately, many car insurance firms are not willing to pay any attention towards the need of car insurance for the non UK residents.

Insurance companies in the United Kingdom are not interested to give the non UK residents an ability to get car insurance, even if they are planning to stay for weeks, months or years. If the non UK resident rents a car for the whole period of the stay in the country, then it may be possible to get a car insurance. This means the UK non resident cannot drive his own car into the country.

Comparatively simpler way to get car insurance in UK is to have an international driver’s license which will only be beneficial if you are a regular traveler. The international driver’s license will definitely allow the UK non resident to drive in UK and even in a number of different countries. Even after getting an international driver’s license, it is a fact that non UK residents may still face difficulties in accruing car insurance in UK.

Finally, if the UK non resident finds a car insurance, the fees will be a lot higher than the those drivers who are already driving in UK for a number of years. This is applicable to the people with license from a different country, international drivers and to students who have not driven for a long time. UK law is very strict on those people who have not driven for a very long period on the UK roads. This is generally the case because most of the European countries drive on the opposite side of the road. This is a major reason why the insurance companies do not want to deal with the claims caused due to the negligence in the situation.

UK non residents will like to get around this matter, if the non-resident is planning to take his car form the place of living to the United Kingdom. These are the problems faced by the UK non residents, but there are some solutions that can relieve them a bit.