Auto Insurance

If you are planning a vacation for a long period of time, your insurance policy may not cover you and it would become necessary to find different coverage.

The car insurance terms in Europe are very much different than the terms used in other continents. Here are some of the important key terms that you need to understand.

  • Insurance excess: In European car insurance, the excess fees is the only amount that the customer owes the insurance company after being paid for the damages. You will not be forced to pay the excess fees after the accident, if you are paying daily fee for the excess insurance which is a small amount. This will surely save your hundreds and thousands of dollars.

  • Young driver: Any person who is below 25 is considered as a young driver in Europe. Most of the insurance companies in Europe charge extra fees on the young drivers to obtain car insurance policy and even rent cars.

  • Child seat: Almost all countries in Europe force that, children under a certain age has to be seated in child seat. You can talk with the rental agencies and reserve the child seat in advance. The seats are provided depending on the weight and age of the child.

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): VIN is compulsory while driving on the roads of any EU member states, which is a directive that was brought into effect by the European Union. The directive is according to the ISO Standard but a factory code or year digit is not mandatory. This system is applied on motor powered vehicles with four wheels which are capable to move on with a speed above 25 km/h.

  • Personal Effects Coverage (PEC): It covers possessions of the person in the car or vehicle if they are destroyed or stolen. It provides an amount that was predetermined. This type of cover can be purchased depending on the supplier providing it.

  • International Driving permit: You will need an international driving license to drive in other countries. It is very necessary to have international driving permit which translates the detail of your driving license into various languages. These are provided by the RAC, Green flag, RSAC and AA.