Auto Insurance

Planning to use rental car insurance in Europe will require you to insure yourself and all other drivers mentioned on the rental agreement.Most of the countries in Europe will have the basic rental price and agreement that will include basic insurance

like third party liability, theft, fire and collision damage waiver. These insurance areas will have limitations, maximum amount payable and exclusion, which should be checked as per normal common sense practice.

The insurance cover that is made available through any major global car rental company will be surely different from the small companies providing rental car insurance. These insurance policies will be different between countries in European Union and the countries outside EU. If you have to make a claim for damage or loss, you will have to pay excess amount. This excess amount varies according to the type of car and also depends on the company providing you insurance.

The exclusions are the areas that require some attention, as it is pretty normal that many areas of the hired car be excluded from the basic collision damage waiver (CDW) cover which includes windows, roof and wheels. While going for an insurance cover, after hiring a vehicle, is to top up insurance or pay for additional insurance directly to the car rental company. This will be beneficial as it will cover the areas that are normally excluded by the standard CDW, allows you to reduce the excess amount payable and increase the personal liability cover.

If you are opting to pay your car hire with a credit card, it will automatically provide you with some additional insurance cover in some areas. You can go for a specialist car insurance company to get a European car rental insurance that will save your money. Policies like excess insurance, super CDW, car rental cover etc. are some types of such cover that can prove beneficial. Essentially the excess and any damage have to be paid to areas which are not covered by the basic insurance.

If you are buying any European car rental insurance, make sure that the company providing you the insurance has the complete knowledge of the countries you are going to drive in. Always remember to check the policy carefully that will inform you about the exclusions, limitations and the basic conditions.