Auto Insurance

You will have multiple expenses if you own a car such as car gas, its maintenance and for sure, the insurance for your car. Amongst the entire expenses, the easiest one from which you can save money is from your car insurance.

Taking time to compare multiple insurance policies, taking time to review your insurance and raising your deductible are some ways that can help you start saving money. Despite these, you got lot where you can score a low rate and bear more power than you might be thinking. Here are some helping words that can guarantee you in lowering your car insurance rates.

  • Shop and compare the rates every 6 months:

    It is advised that, if you have checked your car insurance rates on January, make sure you check the rates again in June. This would keep you informed about the changing prices of the insurance policies.

  • Reduce the cover on Old vehicles:

    If your car is quite old, consider eliminating the collision coverage. This is the cover that pays for damages that you are responsible to your own car. This makes a large section of your insurance cost, so try to avoid the collision coverage if your vehicle is old.

  • Use only one insurance company:

    Combine all tour insurance policies like auto, home etc. to one insurance company which will earn you multiple discounts. The discounts can go for up to 10% of your final premium.

  • Request for higher deductibles:

    The deductible is an amount which you will have to give out before your insurance company comes to your rescue. In simple terms, this is the amount that you pay from your pocket while making a claim. By increasing your deductible from €150 to €400 you can lower your cost of collision and comprehensive coverage by approximately 15% to 30%. By increasing it to €1000 you will be able to reduce the cost up to 40%.

  • Look for safe vehicle car insurance discount:

    Insurance companies offer discounts for the safety features fitted on your vehicle. These safety equipments can be Factory installed mechanical seatbelts, antilock brake system, alarms and air bags. For ensuring updated insurance policies, be sure that you indicate these safety features which will benefit you with discounts.

  • Try skipping monthly bill payments:

    The high cost of premiums might make you pay the bills monthly, but usually you will have to pay the premiums with the add-on fees decided by the insurance companies. To avoid these extra charges, make sure that you request your bills every 6 or 12 months instead.