Auto Insurance

Car insurance is something most of the people hate. For many, it's more of a pain than a benefit, considering monthly premiums can be tought at times to cope up with. However, auto insurance covers more than just your damages. If you own a car, you must have a valid insurance in place or you could face criminal proceedings that would result in, at best, a fine and/or, at worst, a prison sentence.


You might not know this, but there are many different reasons behind sentencing guidelines for criminal offences.  Sometimes punishments are given to criminals as a deterrent to others; sometimes sentences are given that are intended to rehabilitate the offender.  But there are a range of sentences designed to send a message out to the public about how we should live our lives.  So, for instance, harsh sentences given to drink-drivers in recent years has helped to make drink-driving socially unacceptable, and this in turn has helped to reduce the number of drink-drive related accidents.

The sentences and punishments for driving without motor insurance cover are not quite as harsh as they are for drink-driving but they are still intended to demonstrate that it is simply unacceptable to drive your car without valid insurance.  That's not because you might be left out of pocket if you crash your car and damage it - it's to protect innocent people who might be hurt or have their property damaged because of any accident you cause.

You can reduce your premium by choosing a basic level of cover, keeping your car secured, accepting a greater level of excess and limiting your annual mileage.   The levels of cover vary from third party only (which would pay for damage to the other driver and/or their car but not you or yours), to third party, fire and theft (which would cover the other person, plus would pay out for your car if it were stolen or set on fire) to fully-comprehensive (which would cover you, your car, the other person and their car, plus any other damaged property involved).

If it's the hassle of insuring rather than the cost that's making you delay getting your insurance sorted out, then go online.  Doing so has surely got to be simpler and cheaper than dealing with the fallout of being caught driving without insurance.