Apart from the race track, BMW is one of the most renowned automobile manufacturers and has presented the world with engineering marvels for the road one after the other. Hence it is no wonder that it is a global leader in premium car sales.

BMW had been an engine supplier to the teams in Formula One prior to its entry as a constructor. During this short time of its presence in the Formula One, the BMW Sauber Team made some of the most advanced cars for the races.

Tesla Roadster is the only high performance sports car with zero emission in United States. Tesla is a two seats sports car and is a huge success as it completed a sale of 1200 cars in 28 countries till mid 2010.

Honda CR-Z is a hybrid-electric car manufactured by Honda and was launched in the mid of the year 2010. This car is the successor to its predecessor CR-X and is one of the least polluting automobile in United States.

A new concept of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle has been unfurled by Kia at the Chicago Auto Show in 2010. This new PHEV is called the Kia Ray and appears to be promising after going through its features.