The mclaren brand is firmly established and it extends even further than that of a F1 Motorsport constructor racing team and sports supercar manufacturer. Last June the brand took a new leap forward with the opening of the first McLaren retailer in London, with the highly prestigious street address of 1 Hyde Park, Knightsbridge.

BMW (short for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG in German or Bavarian Motor Works in literal English) is a renowned German automobile manufacturer that has a global presence as well as a significant mark in the automobile industry.

BMW has had a long history in motor-sport over the past century right from the time of its inception as an automobile company and the inception of the motor-sport, to its recent creation, the M3 GTR2 Race car. The company has not only participated in the races in various capacities but has an heritage of successful stints in many of them.