Business Communication

Corporate communication is the measure of a society or association, or group, actually correspond mission, vision and brand of product to their employees, customers, competitors and the general public, i.e. public relations.

Business Administration used to inform, direct, manage and motivate employees in the business environment. Many business communications relies on the president’s senior executive management style, if he or she is of type A, B, C or D, or any other theory of personality assessment used.

I remember working on the contract for one of the 500 largest companies in the pharmaceutical industry a few years ago. When I started there, the president was a certified professional accountant. The company had very little communication from the owner. Rarely hear anything from his office closed, except to do with financial performance.

Then, after a few months, the new president took over. His background was in marketing. He had gone out, funny and completely market oriented. It just this description, I guess that some are already corporate communications changed - dramatically. Now there were all kinds of marketing and communications - Corporate custom video cafe staff meetings, management of the company and its aggressive targets, visual graphics and sales graphics units to reach people with known sales and results, contracts, etc. One of the primary responsibilities of top management is to provide the environment for effective communication. Password Management of diversity and TQM in the 90s and re-engineering were the 70 and 80.

Today is a team effort and speed. All these actions and activities based on communication - in different ways, depending on the culture, leadership and survival requires. Before effectual communication may be carried out, must also use the context of the organization, you can communicate with a zipper. The contextual environment is a part of any organized communication must always be taken into consideration: Context: & Parts of a paragraph, discourse, sentence, etc., immediately adjacent to or around the particular passage or word and determines its exact meaning (quoting remarks out of context) The whole background, situation or environments, which are related to a specific event, your personality, creation, etc. Context: and, second, or in context.

The use of images is another way to connect business together. How can communication be sent to the ideas of people in the business organization if there is no visual for all to see often? Charts, diagrams, pictures are all visual elements that convey ideas such as presentation boards, graphics, pictures, videos, power point - anything that creates a common mental image can be seen by all in the same way, and can be used as instruments for common action. As I always say: & If you can not measure, you can not manage  Similarly,  If you can not read, can not conceive.  Configuring the environment and the effective communication of positive corporate responsibility is the same direction at any time is more special for the periods of change, the application of new ideas or invitations to its members to share business solutions.

Managers to implement the communications society, politics, make the final decisions to accept major changes, driven by activity, teams of synergy to authorize others to implement policies, but many do not take time to develop themselves as par with those obligations. Have you noticed how many senior managers to buy educational material employee and calls for personal to participate - but they themselves do not participate? The staff is sitting there itching that Mr. or Mrs. President or Director of the Department could feel it This attitude is born from the old organizational chart, which does not contribute to & serve principle, which raises each level and top-down control. If the government does not want to see a staff seminar or course, you can go through your material in advance.