The Middle Ages of European trade and commerce have witnessed very rapid expansion across all the European countries. The key factor that contributed to this sudden expansion was the Crusades. They helped to improve the trade relations with many Eastern as well as western countries, which gave a great boost for foreign trade by removing the hurdles, which had been hampering the growth since long time.

There are various types of business entity defined according to the legal system and jurisdiction of different countries. Some of the types include sole traders, partnerships, cooperatives, corporations, Limited Liability Company and many more. However, in Europe, different business entities such as EEIG, SCE, SE and SPE are prevalent, which are covered under business formats like partnerships and companies.

The ‘European Economic and Social Committee’ was established in the year 1958, and is an important body of the European Union. Abbreviated as EESC, the European Economic and Social Committee, is a consulting organization, comprising employers, employees,

An executive body of the European Union, which proposes legislations, implements decisions and looks after the sound functioning of the European Union in all its aspects, is known as the European Commission. European Commission has deployed 27 members, referred to as ‘Commissioners’ and functions just like a cabinet government having a variety of portfolios.

An important official institution of European Union is named, ‘the European Council’.

The European Council comprises President of European Council and that of European Commission, along with the heads of European Union member states and their respective governments. The European council is headed by its president and as of year 2009; ‘Herman Van Rompuy’ was the European Council’s President, who remains incumbent until 2012.

The European Union is home to its 450 million citizens and considers itself a protector of civil rights and liberties of all its citizens, in addition to, guarding the European Interests. A supreme authoritative body that has power to amend and form legislations known as ‘European Parliament’ or ‘Europarl or EP’ (as abbreviated), is entitled to operate independently in interest of European Union. The European Parliament consists of 754 members (as per the 7th Parliamentary term) that have directly been elected in their respective member states. The European Union Parliamentary elections are held every five years and any genuine European Union citizen who is a registered voter can vote in these elections.

The Federation of European Business Communicators Association (FIEFA), was founded in the year 1955 and is a non-profit organization. The Federation of European Business Communicators Association (FIEFA) functions entirely because of the efforts made by volunteers and members spread across its various national associations. It is an embodiment of cross-border co-ordination and cooperation amongst national member associations.