Bertelsmann Stiftung in German means Bertelsmann foundation that is known to be the largest non-profit foundation, which is operational in Germany. ‘Bertelsmann Stiftung’ was founded by Reinhard Mohn, in the year 1977. This foundation owns a whopping 77.4% stake in a major European media giant named Bertelsmann AG.

Bertelsmann foundation is quite active in areas like social, economic, cultural, educational, political and health-related issues. It doesn’t believe in making huge grants or awarding number of scholarships and isn’t involved in corporate financing or project funding.

The concept of corporate governance is to do with the way in which responsibilities are equally shared among the stakeholders, managers and owners of the company. Apart from that, corporate governance structure also determines the kinds of responsibilities, privileges and rights that are allocated to the corporate participants. Corporate governance puts limit on the degree of rights enjoyed by each participant. Usually, the foundation of corporate governance is based on the various factors; all of them help to develop proper structure formation of the company.

In European businesses, the employee management things work differently. As a part of their restructuring strategy, a company management can’t lay-off their employees very easily. The restructuring procedure in Europe is quiet similar to US in many aspects such as contract renegotiation, employee appraisals, departmental transfers, cash surplus and product pricing strategies. However, European businesses follow some typical restructuring strategies, once they get complete hold on their businesses-

In order to make effective and constructive business, every company needs some transparency and accountability in management. Companies with no regulations and poor monitoring may become corrupt within less time span. That’s where the corporate governance comes into picture, which is the system through which companies are set with some laws, policies and customs so as to keep businesses controlled and directed.

If you are a very innovative person and do not want to follow the old school ways of business, go ahead and think different and put your dream business idea into reality because the twenty first century is all about being different and grabbing attention. One has the opportunities and amenities one could have never imagined. One can be different and develop an altogether rare or specialized product. Already established business models can be innovated in terms of financial strategies, marketing strategies and empowering the employees.