Bertelsmann Stiftung in German means Bertelsmann foundation that is known to be the largest non-profit foundation, which is operational in Germany. ‘Bertelsmann Stiftung’ was founded by Reinhard Mohn, in the year 1977. This foundation owns a whopping 77.4% stake in a major European media giant named Bertelsmann AG.

Bertelsmann foundation is quite active in areas like social, economic, cultural, educational, political and health-related issues. It doesn’t believe in making huge grants or awarding number of scholarships and isn’t involved in corporate financing or project funding.

Bertelsmann Foundation has spent around a billion Euros throughout the world, till date, for its various non-profit projects and has displayed a great sense of Corporate Social Responsibility. Bertelsmann foundation believes in publishing, researching and encouraging public debates and talk shows on its topics.

Bertelsmann Foundation is located in the German City named Gutersloh and is well represented in Washington DC, Brussels and Berlin. In order to promote the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility across 13 African countries, Bertelsmann foundation has teamed up with German Society for Technical Cooperation to understand how local governments can persuade and support corporations to be aware of the concept called Corporate Social Responsibility.

An efficient tool for monitoring the standard of Corporate Social Responsibility across Americas, African, European and Asian region is Bertelsmann foundation’s CSR navigator. In order to develop corporate social responsibility in a country, there has to be an established relationship, between the objectives of policies regarding ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and the respective cultural contexts of that region. The CSR navigator is expert in performing these tasks and exploring the potential of implementing an effective CSR policy for any country.

The Foundation has been involved in study to learn and understand the significance and efficacy of political tools in development of Corporate Social Responsibility Policies. A new study of the foundation suggests that private sector should be engaged in development to ensure sustainability and growth in a variety of business operations.

The Foundation, suggests that companies can contribute to the overall development and well-being of society in a number of ways by performing their core business activity in such a fashion that it would be more socially responsible and aware about ecological balance. It advocates a green way of working with strict adherence to environmental concerns and risks associated with environmental damage. It further adds that for any country, the optimal use of natural resources and implementation of fair practices in businesses are some basic steps that have to be taken before formulating CSR policies.