Small Business/Home Business

Home business depends on the skills you are expert in and so it is necessary to think about it before you start. If you are crazy about playing with machine objects like screw drivers, nails, wires, sockets etc then appliances and electronics repair would be the best to start. You can also undergo training to learn machine repairing, if you are interested in starting this home business.

Appliances and electronics repair includes steps like visiting the commercial or residential areas, finding out the problem, fixing a certain cost for repairs and then making the machine work normal.This business can be done on your own or you can even hire employees to help in the work. Formal training is not required for repairing small appliances but for repairing certain appliances like refrigerator, you need to pass the Environmental Protection Agency test.

Before starting this business, ensure that the property selected is spacious to keep the appliances. The space can be basement, garage or shed where you can keep the appliances. Buy a van with license to carry the major appliances to workplace and include various tools needed for repairs. While starting the business give an attractive name to the company and you can also create a website. Plan your finances to buy tools and vehicle. It is compulsory to buy the business license from the local chamber of commerce or state officials. Advertise your service online and also print business cards to increase your clients. Mouth advertising also can be done by introducing your services to family and friends. You can specialize in particular type of appliance repair to stand unique in the market. Starting classes for appliance repairs can expand your business horizons.

There are some pros and cons for doing this business, as mentioned -

Pros -

  • This business is self dependent and so there is no need to hire employees.

  • If there is an emergency you can get some additional amount for meeting the emergency needs.

  • This business field is expanding, making careers available for those who are unable to meet financial needs.

Cons -

  • Some appliances are outdated and so their parts cannot be obtained easily. So you may lose the repairing fee if the parts are not available.

  • There are possibilities of accidents and injuries while transportation of heavy appliances like gas leaks and electric shocks.

  • Mostly customers buy new appliances than repairing the old ones as it is cost-effective.

Appliances and electronic repair is a self employed home business which can be profitable if you become an expert in it.