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Relocating your company is a very difficult task and also a critical aspect. Company relocation can include, completing a move within given period of time, which minimizes downtime to limit the disturbance to employees and clients. This also includes completion of move within a certain budget or anything that might prevent business from running smoothly.

Following is a complete basic packing checklist for businesses moving-

  • Conduct a meeting with your office managers and other department managers, and make a moving checklist to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.
  • According to moving checklist identify the equipments that you want to move.
  • Conduct a meeting with moving company and discuss about the full project plan for the move. This will make things easy for both you and businesses moving.
  • Then make a timetable for move, and communicate with past as well as present landlord to avoid confusion regarding payments and other legal issues.
  • Concerned person, who has involved in this moving process, should communicate with other departments to ensure that; they must know their roles and responsibilities during company moving.
  • Give notice to all the employees time and again about the move and its exact details so that they will remember their responsibilities during relocation.
  • Share all information about your new office location with employees including time tables of bus and train, parking, cafeterias, canteen facilities and other features of the building.
  • Provide floor plans and drawings to each and everyone related to moving activity.
  • Limit participation of the employees on the moving day as it will create conflict.
  • Labeling should be made to the company’s equipments to avoid confusion, which is beneficial for proper handling and storage.