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Ozripoff was a well known extortion website operated from Gold Coast, Australia. The website was hosted by which is internet service in United States. This website was operated by Larry Pickering who was the director of the company Cohen Strachan Investment Pty Ltd ACN 123 995 326.

As a part of software related to market trading called Carbon A was sold by Cohen Strachan Investment. This software had never worked as it was duplicated from another manufacturing company and was rebranded in name of their own company.

Cohen Strachan Investment posted false, misleading and slanderous information of the consumers who demanded refunds and took legal actions against them on which was their own website. This website didn't contain a single negative point of information related to Cohen Strachan Investment or Carbon A because they themselves were behind the website and therefore took the advantage.

Ozripoff website contained articles about legitimate organizations which didn't make any sense and were posted to discredit the organizations reputation online. When these organizations contacted the website they were told that there is a verification going on to ensure whether the claims against organizations were true or not. This process was referred to as third party 'legal' organization called as Consumer Advocacy Corp. But for your information it is essential to be Government agency to use the name 'Consumer' which the Ozripoff was not. It had no Australian Business Number which is a tax file number, website or address. Therefore, Ozripoff would nominate a fee to review the situation and then removed the posts after the verification. This proved that Consumer Advocacy Corp and Ozripoff were one and the same.

It is very sad to learn that there are many businesses that have lost out their revenues and their clients doubt the credibility due to Ozripoff. Initially when people commented against Ozripoff they tried to remove the comments. But later on they didn't bother and were not afraid of the comments. Since the companies who lost their revenues and credibility continued to post against Ozripoff and then it was declared as a scam.

You should always beware of such website scams while doing a home business as these websites may fool you and bring your business down.