San Salvador is packed with small villages which generate their own distinct style of handcrafts. Although you can find identical kind of work in the capital area, it cannot replicate the genuine art of local artists, which can be only found in the rural home workshops and handcrafts markets.

When a person visits San Salvador, like every tourist, his activities will include beach vacations, surfing, hiking, cycling, visiting historic sites, archaeological remains and visiting famous tourist attractions. But if he wants to get the real essence of life in San Salvador, he should explore the lesser known treasures of San Salvador.

Like other famous countries in the world, the way of life in Philippine and things surrounded by them are shaped by art. With the existence of unique art like painting and music in Philippines, the door has already been opened for visitors who want to enjoy the real diversified experience of this country. The Philippine art exhibits diverse offerings with the unique art like weaving, which is mainly famous in northern region of Philippines.

Any person who visits San Salvador would talk about its natural treasures and unadulterated, unmixed beauty. But the country of El Salvador is not just a country of natural treasure but also an undiscovered treasure trove of culture and traditions. As a person further ventures deeper into the areas around the capital city of San Salvador, they will come across different forms of art and craft which reflect the Salvadoran culture.

Aboriginal painting is a very exciting art to learn. If you love to learn drawing you can make your dream come true by learning Australian aboriginal paintings. There are many advantages of learning dot paintings, you can learn more about the aboriginal people. If you learn to draw aboriginal painting, then you would love to draw them on the wall of your home or bedroom.

Didgeridoo with traditional unique sound are very exciting to craft and paint. The sound from didgeridoo is buzzing or low humming. Creating a didgeridoo out of bamboo material is an exclusive idea. You can also make the instrument look more traditional by painting it with images or symbols. However, the original and authentic didgeridoo is very expensive to buy. You can learn to make and paint your very own didgeridoo.