Cuban culture is influenced with those of Spain and Africa and is a fine union of cultures of Europe, Africa, China and North America. Cuban revolution which took place in 1959, largely affected the Cuban culture. Effects of the revolution were so, that it literally affected everything down to the daily life of Cubans as well.

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Acrylic is artificial fiber and is more near to wool as compared to any other synthetic fiber. It is also known as art, art wool or manmade wool. The best thing about Acrylic fiber is that it has got the feel and look of wool, with a much reduced cost.

When a person visits San Salvador, like every tourist, his activities will include beach vacations, surfing, hiking, cycling, visiting historic sites, archaeological remains and visiting famous tourist attractions. But if he wants to get the real essence of life in San Salvador, he should explore the lesser known treasures of San Salvador.

San Salvador is packed with small villages which generate their own distinct style of handcrafts. Although you can find identical kind of work in the capital area, it cannot replicate the genuine art of local artists, which can be only found in the rural home workshops and handcrafts markets.

A Tale of Two Cities is a novel written in year 1859 by Charles Dickens. The novel is set around the two cities of London and Paris before the French revolution and during it. More than 200 million copies of this masterpiece of work have been sold which makes it one of the most popular fiction novels.

The plight of peasants in France, who became victims of the French aristocracy in the revolution years, the brutality faced by aristocrats from the revolutionaries and many critical social similarities with life in London at that time has been depicted in the novel.

‘A Brief History of Time’, is a marvelous creation of one of the most knowledgeable and brilliant theoretical Physicist in the history of mankind, Stephen Hawking. 

ESPN The Magazine is a bi-weekly sports magazine of ESPN sports network in United States published since 11th March, 1998. This magazine includes everything which a sports fan is looking for like basketball, baseball, football, hockey and even other extreme sports. The magazine takes a humorous and light-hearted approach to sport news compared to its competitors.

Indigenous people who stay in Canada are known as Aboriginal community. These people have a diverse culture and tradition which believes that the ‘natural world’ is created by songs. Hence, it is said that, the aboriginal language has no word for music as it is an integral part of their lifestyle.

Scales when played in a correct musical manner often offer excitement and fun. Musical scales do have a diversified importance in the western music environment. They are conceptually basic but portray a paradise which is full of zest. Music has attained divinity because of its constant evolution; its mission to bridge every mind, body and soul to the ultimate energy.

Entire 19th and most of 20th century witnessed the dawn of many indigenous musical forms. A drastic change was observed around the globe as far as folk music was concerned. Caribbean Islands witnessed one such influence. Calypso, an African form of music was in great demand among the slaves among the British and French Island colonies.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the top choices among amateur and professional photographers for photo editing software. Designed to complement, but not replace the tools in Photoshop CS3 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a workflow-based application with a robust yet efficient and simplified workspace. It is a photography software program designed to assist Adobe Photoshop users in managing thousands of digital images and doing post production work. It is a complete photo management and editing suite for Windows and Mac OS X.

In addition to editing photos, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom also helps in organizing as well as managing photos.

Albumen print is known to be the earliest printing process that was capable of developing a printed photograph on paper base by using a negative. It was invented by ‘Louis Desire Blanquart –Evrard’, in the year 1850 and was also known as ‘Albumen Silver Print’.

Plants, trees and the natural vegetation rely greatly upon sunlight for photosynthesis, which contributes to their growth and development. Plants and trees produce certain byproducts with the help of sunlight, which have found their application in the field of photography.

Florence comes with lively music, ballet as well as opera, and is the best way to hear the Italian language. There are almost 30 theatres in Florence which are on walking distance from the center, offering a nice selection of classic and contemporary shows. Musicians played vital role in Florentine artistic life as the first opera was created in Florence in the 16th century. There are many theatres in Florence which show a high quality opera.

If you not able to speak Polish language, it doesn’t mean that a visit to Warsaw theatres is waste of time. Warsaw has a reputation for wonderful and weird avant-garde theatres and there are plenty of extraordinary things to explore. The cultural as well as entertaining life of Warsaw theatres has plethora of amusement to offer for the cheerful visitors of polish capital. The theatres at Warsaw have different preferences and tastes.

Europe is a place that never can be left out when talking about extraordinary scenic beauty. The use of these splendid destinations for action movies is becoming popular.

10 MPH is a comical documentary, directed by Hunter Weeks. The film starts with Josh Caldwell, where he is along with the two-wheeled electronic scooter, Segway HT. The documentary actually gets the name by an average speed of the Segway. Two friends choose to travel with this scooter from Seattle to Boston with an average speed of 10 mph; for changing their lives forever after this attempt. 

Globe Trekker takes on the journeys to various countries of every continent in the globe. Every memorable destination is hosted by any of the team members of Globe Trekker, who are prepared to try and eat any innovative thing. Every episode of Globe Trekker features a host, who travels with an expert camera crew to exotic locale of various countries and experiences the culture, sounds and sights offered by different locations. The special episodes of Globe Trekker feature an in-depth history, shopping, festival, beaches, cities and food guides.