Cuban culture is influenced with those of Spain and Africa and is a fine union of cultures of Europe, Africa, China and North America. Cuban revolution which took place in 1959, largely affected the Cuban culture. Effects of the revolution were so, that it literally affected everything down to the daily life of Cubans as well.

As it has influence of Spain on it and was a former colony of Cuba, language spoken in Cuba is Spanish. On the other hand, there are Afro-Cuban and mulatto Cubans living in Cuba who speak ‘Haitian Creole’.

Religion of Cuba has been changing drastically since 1959. In 1992, people were given total freedom regarding religion and around 25% of the Cubans follow Catholicism at present. Primarily, Cuba is a Christian country but on the other hand second largely followed religion in Cuba is Santeria which is a mixture of Catholicism and traditional Yoruba religions.

Some of the features of Cuban culture like music are instantly recognized throughout the world. It is very rich in its form and it represents the Cuban culture. The music is actually of European and African origin and most of the musical forms are mixture of these great forms. The main form of it is Son, which is base of other forms like mambo, salsa and rumba. A musical instrument called as ‘Tres’ was originated in Cuba but the other traditional musical instruments of Cuba are of African origin.

Like Music, Cuban cuisines are also a blend of variety of cultural cuisines. The food here comprises of food from Spanish and Caribbean origin. The spices, techniques and cooking styles have relative share of Spain as well as Caribbean. On the other hand, food rationing which is carried out here from decades, restricts the ample and common availability of the original cuisines here. Typical Cuban food consists of rice, plantains, black beans, Cuban bread, pork and tropical fruits. The spices which are mostly used to cook food here are cumin, oregano and garlic. Traditional food here is not served in courses. Instead, it is served all at a time and you can taste any of the items according to your preference.

Cuban culture is a colorful mixture of varied, often contrasting influences and factors and enjoys international reputation of having one of the richest cultures in the world.