Established in 1917 by American Publisher Joseph Pulitzer, the Pulitzer Prize is a US award given for achievements in newspaper, online journalism, literature and musical composition. Yearly the prize is given in 21 different categories with a cash award of $10,000 and a certificate.


Here are some of the prestigious awards which are a part of the Pulitzer Prize.

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction-

The prize is given to an American author who has written distinguished fiction related to American life. Between 1918 and 1947, the prize was known as ‘Pulitzer Prize for the Novel’. His Family by Ernest Poole was the first winner of the award.


Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction-

The prize was first awarded in 1962. The award is given to an American author for best non-fictional book, if that is not eligible in any other category. The Making of the President, 1960 by Theodore White was the first recipient of this award.

The Pulitzer Journalism Prize categories include-

Public Service - Awarded for meritorious public service, newspaper.

Breaking News Reporting - Awarded for local reporting of breaking news

Investigative Reporting - Awarded for investigative reporting as a single article.

Explanatory reporting - Awarded for explanatory newspaper reporting.

Local Reporting - Awarded for local newspaper reporting.

National Reporting - Awarded for national newspaper reporting.

International Reporting - Awarded for newspaper reporting on international affairs.

Feature Writing - Awarded for newspaper feature writing with originality and quality.

Commentary - Awarded for best commentary service.

Criticism - Awarded for best criticism through newspaper.

Editorial Writing - Awarded for best newspaper editorial column.

Editorial Cartooning - Awarded for best newspaper editorial cartoons.

Breaking News Photography - Awarded for a single or sequence of photographs covering breaking news.

Feature Photography - Awarded for featured photography in newspaper.

Whereas other Pulitzer Prizes include-

Music - Awarded for musical contribution by an American for first recording or performance in USA.

Special Citations and Awards - Special awards with different genres.

Poetry - Awarded for best volume of original verses by an America.

History - Awarded for history books related to United States.

Drama - Awarded for best play by American playwright, original preferred.

Biography or Autobiography - Awarded for best biography/autobiography by American author.

New York Times has won 106 total Pulitzer Prizes since 1918. Robert Frost (poet), Eugene O’Neill (play-writer) and Carol Guzy (photography) have won 4 Pulitzer. Robert Caro, Thomas L. Friedman, Carl Sandburg, August Wilson, Horst Faas, Norman Mailer are some of the other multiple Pulitzer winners.

Pulitzer Prize has special importance in the literary of USA. It has acquired an international importance for nearly a century.