“’Have no fear, little fish,’ Said the Cat in the Hat. ‘These Things are good Things.’ And he gave them a pat.”- Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat. Dr. Seuss in 1957 first wrote the book which featured the famous character of ‘the Cat’. The book is regarded as one of the best work for children.


The story starts with a boy and his sister standing in the window after their mother abandoned them and went away on a rainy day. A large tree dances and encouraging the children to succumb the feelings towards each other is observed on the foreground. To their surprise a giant cat shows up with a long, big red hat. The dull rainy day is now turned to a madcap adventure by the cat’s activities.


The children experience pleasure as they interact with the talking cat that is busy performing it’s so called “tricks”.

The naughtiness and the skillful nonsense rhymes is what make this book a masterpiece. The illustrations are something which makes the reader wonder as they are incomparable to design and execute. There is a fish in the story that warns the children to stay away from the cat’s words. After the pooh-poohing of the fish, the cat engages itself in the act of juggling. He juggles 2 books, a teacup, a toy man, a red fan, saucer of milk, cake and an umbrella to entertain the kids.

At the end of the book, the Cat in the Hat creates a mess around the single-dwelling house of the children Dick and Sally. Both children collect the items in a net to stop the cat’s adventure. Cat realizes his mess and on his way back cleans it, only to disappear seconds before Sally’s mother enters the house.

Mother asks Sally and Dick about the time they spent when she was out. But, Dr. Seuss asks a question at the end of the book- what would you do if your mother asked you? Leaving the question unanswered.