If you are waiting for some different expedition, then Australian Safari would be a perfect antidote for you action packed adventure tour. Australian safari will excite you the most, if you are not feared by the vast deserts and forests that have some most dangerous species on the earth. You might surely be aware of the glorious metropolitan cities, but Australian safari will be a different experience altogether.

The film begins in the beautiful country of Denmark back in 1913. There is a wealthy and unmarried woman name Karen Dinesen, who chooses to get married for her convenience and so she plans to marry her friend Barron Bror Blixen. The marriage would work out to both of their advantage becasue even as Bror was an aristocrat he was not financially secure. The two of them then plan to move to Africa to get into the business of dairy farming.

Debuted at Roman Film Fest in 2007, Into the Wild depicts the 1992 voyage of Christopher McCandless across the Alaskan wilderness. Directed by Sean Penn, this movie has Emile Hirsch in the cast of Christopher. One day, around two years before his courageous expedition, a 24-year-old McCandless’s passion to experience wilderness makes him leave home. 

The Gods Must Be Crazy is an offbeat and a rare exception movie which is entertaining and hilarious to watch. It is a comic story of traveler Bushman, who comes across modern civilization and its various aspects which include inept scientist and revolutionary band. In short, the movie is a collision of three diverse stories - the voyage of Bushman towards the last corner of earth to return the coke bottle, the romance of school teacher with clumsy scientist and a gang of guerillas on the dash.

10 MPH is a comical documentary, directed by Hunter Weeks. The film starts with Josh Caldwell, where he is along with the two-wheeled electronic scooter, Segway HT. The documentary actually gets the name by an average speed of the Segway. Two friends choose to travel with this scooter from Seattle to Boston with an average speed of 10 mph; for changing their lives forever after this attempt. 

Globe Trekker takes on the journeys to various countries of every continent in the globe. Every memorable destination is hosted by any of the team members of Globe Trekker, who are prepared to try and eat any innovative thing. Every episode of Globe Trekker features a host, who travels with an expert camera crew to exotic locale of various countries and experiences the culture, sounds and sights offered by different locations. The special episodes of Globe Trekker feature an in-depth history, shopping, festival, beaches, cities and food guides.

A travel documentary ‘An Idiot Abroad’ features Karl Pilkington and his global adventure to the new Seven Wonders of the World. Karl Pilkington, a British author, podcaster and television personality, was sent to experience world heritages by his former colleagues Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.