10 MPH is a comical documentary, directed by Hunter Weeks. The film starts with Josh Caldwell, where he is along with the two-wheeled electronic scooter, Segway HT. The documentary actually gets the name by an average speed of the Segway. Two friends choose to travel with this scooter from Seattle to Boston with an average speed of 10 mph; for changing their lives forever after this attempt. 

Their trip starts on 8th August 2004, in Seattle, Washington and ends on 8th August 2004, in Boston, Massachusetts. This documentary has a favorable reaction at screenings as well as film festival and also has achieved several awards.The progress of Caldwell is followed in the documentary, the way he rides the Segway in the United States while taking stops at various places for interacting with the people.

It also features on the lively nature on the countryside of the United States. They even document the stories of the people Caldwell and Weeks meet while on their way. 10 MPH not only shows Weeks, Caldwell and other crew members but also provides footage of the helpful as well as rude people, they meet. While travelling they are stopped by an Illinois police officer who warns them for travelling at the speed of 10 miles per hour, instead of 25 miles per hour. The struggles faced by the filmmakers are also documented in this documentary such as technical challenges on maintaining the batteries of the Segway and losing of a producer part.

This film was a critically-acclaimed as well as award-winning documentary which casted haphazard characters on an ensued road trip. Through their return journey from America, they could only find a zany trek of 100-days. The poignant stories of the two friends were way inspiring for going out and doing the things what you’re supposed to do.