A travel documentary ‘An Idiot Abroad’ features Karl Pilkington and his global adventure to the new Seven Wonders of the World. Karl Pilkington, a British author, podcaster and television personality, was sent to experience world heritages by his former colleagues Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.

This documentary is about Pilkington’s reactions to the new places and the uncompromising situations, differences in cultures and idiosyncrasies which also make it a classic piece of ‘real’ travelogue.Each episode of this series documents Karl’s travel to a place amongst the seven wonder.Episode 1 - Karls’ first destination was China’s Great Wall and he was very impressed to see the Great Wall of China spread out like a long snake on the hills. He also learns some steps of the Chinese Martial Art – Kung Fu but is confused and bemused with the strange culture for example no doors on the public toilet.

The eating patterns followed here like eating scorpions and cockroaches also bewildered him.

Episode 2 – Next amongst the seven wonders that Karl visited was Taj Mahal in India. There were maddening crowds, noise, car horns and mantras, so he took a boat ride in the Humana River and was able to catch a picturesque view of Taj. He found the Kumbh Mela festival difficult to understand, especially spirituality behind it. He also takes a dip in the holy river of the Hindus - Ganges, participates in the Holi – the festival of colors and meets the Elephant Baba.

Episode 3 – The next destination was Western Wall popularly known as the Wailing Wall in East Jerusalem. He took a stopover in Israel. He also visits in the West Bank - Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus Christ. He enjoys a complete Petra experience by riding a camel in the desert and sleeping in the cave.

Episode 4 – Chichen Itza, a place built by Mayan people, in Mexico is Karl’s next stop. As he arrives here on Eastern Sunday, he gets to witness the re-enactment of the Passion. His experiences here include an opportunity to see how the locals punish Judas Iscariot, try a hand at wrestling and learn how to become a ‘charro’.

Episode 5 – The next wonder of world visited by Karl is the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. It is the largest of the three pyramids built in the Giza Necropolis. Episode 6 – The towering statue of Christ the Redeemer was the next visited wonder of world. He also visits the beaches of Rio de Janerio.

Episode 7 – The last destination was Machu Picchu, an Old Mountain in Peru. Machu Picchu is a pre-Columbian site which is perched on ridge of a mountain above the Urubamba Valley. Karl was sent on this expedition by his friends as he had once stated to them that he has no interest in globe travel and they wanted him to get out of his comfort zone.