Europe is a place that never can be left out when talking about extraordinary scenic beauty. The use of these splendid destinations for action movies is becoming popular.

The actions scenes become more attractive when shot at the best places in Europe. One such action travel film is Bourne Supremacy from the Bourne series.

This is a movie that convincingly uses the glamour of Europe to combine it with action.Goa is the place in India where Jason Bourne and Marie hide until a killer named Karl is dispatched from Russia. While the C.I.A is investing a murder case in Berlin which is pointing towards Bourne, the killer tries an attack on Bourne and Marie, but Bourne escapes the attack whereas Marie could not survive.

After the rescue from the killer, Bourne starts his travel towards Europe and his first destination in the continent is Italy. This is a place which combines the history and culture with many historical monuments, streets and even arts. The C.I.A agent Landy finds the fingerprint of Bourne and flies to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Langley is famous for its festivals and the forests which cover around 65% of the state. These places look more beautiful in the movie and you surely will be attracted towards Europe.

Meanwhile, Jason travels to artistic Naples, a destination in Southern Italy which is known for its music, architecture and gastronomy. This place is like paradise for them who like to relax on a vacation trip. Berlin is the next spot for Bourne where he is seen fighting with another assassin. Berlin is the capital of Germany and also the largest city where one after another action scenes are performed by Bourne. Bourne then battles with one assassin after another in various cities in Europe and lastly in Moscow which is the most important city for Russia in every term. Bourne travels through the major part of Europe which will excite you by its pure originality.

This is an action-movie travelogue which is unusually evocative. Berlin’s clotted skyline and the snow in Moscow imparts a glamorized sense of tourism. You can also go and find out the glamour portion by exploring Europe.