Released on 15 March 2007, “Bra Boys – Blood is Thicker than Water” is a surf movie that portrays the socio-cultural transition of Maroubra, the suburb of Sydney, Australia. The film follows the infamous gang of youngsters known as Bra Boys. Made by Sunny Abberton, one of the Bra Boys only, the documentary continues showing the way they fight with the society.

It does not miss to set straight the historical embarrassment that the defiant Aussie surfers have faced in long run.

Macario De Souza has contributed as a co-director, Russell Crowe as a narrator with around 49 legendary surfers. Not to mention that they include some celebrated Bra Boys like Richie, Evan Faulks and also Kelly Slater who has been a world champion for ten times. The film boasts of the roles of some professional chaps of surfing including Mark Occhilupo or known as Occy, Laird Hamilton (one of the fathers of ‘tow-in surfing’) and Bruce Irons.

Bra Boys is truly a pragmatic surf-movie that reveals the achievement of some Australian grommets in the genre of professional big wave surfing at the beach side of Maroubra.

The story narrated by Russell does embrace the family background of Sunny. His heroin-addicted mother with three husbands, his step-father who is a bank-robber, one of his brothers in murder charge, another one charged for being a partner and every facet that attest the corrupt surroundings around Abberton.

The obvious thing that comes in the chronicle is their attempts to survive in a society which already has displaced them. All through the documentary, the things that can easily be realized are the emotional bonding amongst family members of Abberton. As the family features quite notorious background and mistrust by society, abhorrence of the system including cops is pretty predictable outlook. Bra Boys gained some upbeat reviews and critics too. No matter what one think about it, the movie is Australia's highest-grossing documentary after those of IMAX and stood Best Documentary at Movie EXTRA Filmink Awards 2008.