If you are waiting for some different expedition, then Australian Safari would be a perfect antidote for you action packed adventure tour. Australian safari will excite you the most, if you are not feared by the vast deserts and forests that have some most dangerous species on the earth. You might surely be aware of the glorious metropolitan cities, but Australian safari will be a different experience altogether.

Crocodile Dundee is a movie that depicts the safari culture of Australia and the movie was a big hit. This movie rides you through the culture of Australia that is not known to many.Crocodile Dundee is set in Australian outback region where the central character Michael owns a safari business with his mentor friend Walter Reilly.

Michael is crocodile hunter and Sue Charlton, a Newsday feature writer travel to Walkabout Creek, to interview Michael J who was reported to have lost a leg while hunting a saltwater crocodile. Walkabout Creek is a wildlife centre with diverse wildlife like the frogs, reptiles, birds, fish and mammals.

Michael J is seen killing snakes with his hands, taking part in the Aboriginal tribal dance and also seen rescuing kangaroos in the Dundee from the scarring tourists hunting them on. Most part of the movie was shot in Kakadu National Park located in the Northern Territory of Australia. This national park extends for almost 200 km from north to south and around 100 km from east to west. Kakadu National Park has is the best place for adventure safari as it has four major rivers like East Alligator River, Wildman River, South Alligator River and West Alligator River. It has variety of wildlife consisting of 60 mammal species, 10,000 different insect types, 280 bird species and even 1600 varieties of plants. There are many landforms that are huge and fearful.

Sue is attacked by a crocodile and Michael rescues her which intenses their friendship. Thus while returning back home; Sue invites Michael to New York City. Michael has never been to a city and the later part story shows how the culture and life in the City of New York is different where he ends up falling in love with Sue. The wildlife of Australia is explored to its fullest in the movie which you can discover any time, any moment. So ride on to your coolest vacation ever, The Australian Safari.