Globe Trekker takes on the journeys to various countries of every continent in the globe. Every memorable destination is hosted by any of the team members of Globe Trekker, who are prepared to try and eat any innovative thing. Every episode of Globe Trekker features a host, who travels with an expert camera crew to exotic locale of various countries and experiences the culture, sounds and sights offered by different locations. The special episodes of Globe Trekker feature an in-depth history, shopping, festival, beaches, cities and food guides.

Being a traveler Ian Wright starts his exploration of Ethiopia in the northern ground of Axum. During his journey Ian Wright generally participates in various aspects of regional life like visiting a mining community and attending a conventional wedding. After travelling some distance, Ian explores Lalibela and attends the key festival of Ethiopia, Timkat. After doing some celebration he visits 11 churches, which the locals believe to be hewn out of rock and built by angels.

Globe Trekker show usually goes far beyond the famous tourist destinations to give viewers a highly authentic demonstration of Ethiopian local culture. Ian addresses the audience personally and acts as a real tour guide who also talks with local people while discovering spectacular locations in some unrehearsed sequences. The traveling show also includes interviews with hitchhikers, who share their experience as independent travelers in the strange country.

The journey of Ian Wright takes him to place Bahar Dar, where he views the marvelous Blue Nile Falls and test some local cuisines with his fellow travelers. Ian travels from Bahan Dar to capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, where he does some bargain hunting in outdoor market of Mercato. The final part of voyage takes Ian to the south part of Ethiopia, where he discovers the Mago National Park. He takes part in the adventurous ceremony of cow jumping and is also challenged for a stick fight with one of the members of African tribes.

Globe Trekker series is most popular for its distinguished themes and unique background music, which includes large number of electronic, down tempo, instrumental compositions and folk music elements too. The format of series is very systematic as they undertake a part of single country or a region’s surroundings per show. This helps the viewers in focusing a particular region or country instead of going for a ride, from one continent to other.