Debuted at Roman Film Fest in 2007, Into the Wild depicts the 1992 voyage of Christopher McCandless across the Alaskan wilderness. Directed by Sean Penn, this movie has Emile Hirsch in the cast of Christopher. One day, around two years before his courageous expedition, a 24-year-old McCandless’s passion to experience wilderness makes him leave home. 

He hits the road with his beloved Dastun leaving his parents and his sister unacquainted about his plan. Followed by a flash flood which costs him his Datsun, McCandless continues the jaunt to Northern California by the way of hitchhiking.

There he encounters Jan Burres and Rainy. Then, he works with a contract harvesting firm in Carthage, South Dakota and unwillingly leaves the same after arrest of the owner of company. He continues traveling and reaches Mexico after paddling down along the Colorado River. As his kayak lost in a dust-storm he starts walking towards US.

After spending some time in Imperial Valley, California, he starts heading towards Alaska. Meanwhile he works at a leather factory in Salton City and again gets back to his jaunt to the Alaskan wilderness. He leaves for the destination with little food and equipments and again hitchhiking facilitates him to reach Fairbanks in Alaska. He, then takes probably the last ‘thumb a lift’ from Jim Gallien to the head of the Stampede Trail and get to a place near Denali National Park.

Being far-off from the throngs amongst the wild environs, he finds himself fortunate and thrilled. There, he sets up a camp in an abandoned bus. What help him there are his .22-caliber rifle in hunting, books keeping him engaged and a diary to pile up the treasured moments of an absolutely new life. Sooner or later, the struggle for very existence twists his life into a harder one. He finds the dearth of supplies and realizes how cruel the wilderness is. He wants to go back home and to loving parents but could not cross the stream. Forced to live on the plants, McCandless falls sick and hugs death slowly leaving behind a diary.