Long way down is a mini television series that documented the trip undertaken by Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boorman from the northern tip of Scotland, Europe to Capetown in South Africa on their motorcycles. The events and action on the way makes this trip a life changing journey for the duo. This ten part documentary series traverses the motorcycle ride across more than 24000 kilometers of tough terrain across borders. The journey commenced on 12 May 2007 and reached the end destination on 4 August 2007.Long way down revealed a new face of Africa to Ewan and Charley which was earlier perceived as a bandit country. The adventures made the duo test and push their physical abilities and strength to face adversities. Episode 1 – Start of Journey The team travels to John o’ Groats and prepare to hit the roads and embark their 24000 kilometers long road journey.

Episode 2 – Scotland to Italy They ride to London and despite the difficult weather conditions take Channel Tunnel to France and then ride to the South of Italy.

Episode 3 – Rome to Toburuk The duo battle the high traffic of Rome and European part of the journey ended in Silicy where they catch a ferry to reach Tunisia.

Episode 4 – Toburuk to Khartoum In Tunisia, they visit the set of Star Wars. They reach Egypt, visit the pyramids and ride with armed guards here.

Episode 5 – Sudan to Ethopia They travel to Sudan and continue into Ethopia starting to embrace the local African life.

Episode 6 – Entering into Kenya After getting into Kenya, they continue further and cross the equator. The soft sands in Kenya cause problems in keeping and riding the bikes upright.

Episode 7 – Kenya to Rwanda They trek mountains to see gorillas, come across wild zebras on the way here.

Episode 8 – Kigali to Malawi They visit the residence of Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda. They are joined by Ewan’s wife Eve here.

Episode 9 – Malawi to Botswana In this leg of the trip they witness how UNICEF is helping the children.

Episode 10 – Botswana to CapeTown This is the final leg of the adventure trip met a successful end at Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa.

From quality roads to bumpy, uneven terrain they faced the difficult times with an enthusiasm that kept them going ahead.