There are some predictable ‘Out Of Africa’ moments in ‘Nowhere in Africa’, which was directed by Caroline link. The movie is based on the novel written by Stefanie Zweig, one of the best-selling novels.This German movie is not only about the German history but also about a European woman who tackles unusual way of life on an isolated farm in Africa.

‘Nowhere In Africa’ is based on the real experiences of a girl whose relatives were enforced to depart Nazi Germany and had to start a fresh life in Kenya. The movie is based on German perspective which connects a time and place that many people would like to be associated with.

Redlich family flies to Kenya from Nazi Germany to escape from the harassment of Jews. Walter finds an employment as a farm manager in Kenya, while his wife was struggling to adjust with the life of Africa. However, their daughter Regina, adapts new environment very easily. She not only learns the language of country effortlessly but also gets attracted to local culture within short time. But when the war begins, life of the Redlichs family becomes highly complicated. During this time, Walter gets eligible to join British Army and goes off from his family to fight with the Germans.

A crucial player in the film is Owuor, a Kenyan cook who is extremely gentle, caring and loyal to the Redlich family. His humanity and warmth wins over Redlich family and Regina prone to love him like her father. As the film progresses, we can see the manner in which Regina gets away from the German culture and language. The movie strategically depicts how the Redlich family remains united and withholds in the life of Africa. One of the movie’s strengths is the manner it represents the ups and downs of family’s liaison and changes in the character of family members

Nowhere In Africa is a nicely crafted movie. At the end, it is the story about how one family can cope up with the unfavorable conditions in Africa and holds together till they return to Germany. It is one of the rare films where one can become easily absorbed in the story.