The film begins in the beautiful country of Denmark back in 1913. There is a wealthy and unmarried woman name Karen Dinesen, who chooses to get married for her convenience and so she plans to marry her friend Barron Bror Blixen. The marriage would work out to both of their advantage becasue even as Bror was an aristocrat he was not financially secure. The two of them then plan to move to Africa to get into the business of dairy farming.

They move into the countryside of British East Africa, which is very beautiful. The land looks all golden with all the dry grass and Karen marries Bror here, she now turns Baroness Blixen. They soon mingle with the British living in the area and Karen develops a close friendship with Denys Finch Hatton, who is a big game hunter in the area.Denys is shown here a person roaming the beautiful African Savanna filled with wildebeest, zebra and giraffes, touring the land in his safari vehicle.

Karen does eventually develop a love for her husband Bror and the romantic sunset in British East Africa only brings them closer. However instead of buying a dairy farm, Bror buys out a coffee plantation. The view of the coffee plantations is spectacular and the scene of the workers laboring in the fields is inspiring. Baron Bror does not turn out to be faithful to Karen and he soon passes on syphilis, a dreaded sexually transmitted disease to Karen.

To treat her syphilis condition Karen returns to Denmark and is made to undergo the arduous treatment which last a long time. As she returns to the Africa, she still finds Bror to be the womanizer that he was and so she asks him to move out of the house. As Karen continues to associate with Denys, the friendship turns to love and they go wandering into the beautiful plains of east Africa and see the wildlife and tribes native to that place. The relationship with Denys does not turn into marriage as Denys prefers to live like the nomadic Maasai and Karen can no longer bear children after her syphilis condition. The coffee plantation runs into a loss but later yields productively and it all tragically ends in a fire. A little while later Denys too loses his life in his bi-plane crash. Karen later heads for Mombasa and becomes a writer and narrates her story but she never returned there.