The Gods Must Be Crazy is an offbeat and a rare exception movie which is entertaining and hilarious to watch. It is a comic story of traveler Bushman, who comes across modern civilization and its various aspects which include inept scientist and revolutionary band. In short, the movie is a collision of three diverse stories - the voyage of Bushman towards the last corner of earth to return the coke bottle, the romance of school teacher with clumsy scientist and a gang of guerillas on the dash.

The film starts with a coke bottle which falls from the sky on the Kalahari Desert. A private plane pilot throws an empty bottle of coke thorough the window that lands next to Bushman, who is going on a long hunting expedition.

Bushman has never experienced something like it in his life. He takes that bottle to his tribe, who utilizes it for number of reasons like pattern maker, cooking utensil, musical instrument and fire starter. Eventually, the bottle becomes a matter of various controversies and every tribe member starts quarreling over it.

Bushman keeps one goal in his mind to return the coke bottle, from where it came, according to him, god. This goal propels him on a journey towards the land of deserts, where the film again transforms into a highly conventional comedy. That’s where we come across some new characters of movie, like a ludicrous biologist, a likely school teacher and a rebellious leader. All of them intent on their own plans and lives, but in some way Bushman and his bottle bring them into unforeseen combinations. The movie demonstrates an amazing understanding of civilization as viewed through the Bushman’s perspective.

Bushman finally discovers himself at the top of cliff with a thick layer of clouds obscuring the view of earth. This perfectly convinces Bushman that he eventually reached at the end place of world and he tosses the bottle off the cliff. This movie scene was taken at the spot called as God’ Window in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Bushman then returns back to his tribe and receives a nice welcome.