Portrait photography is the art of capturing photographs of individuals, or small groups of people. The objective of portrait photography is to display the personality, likeness and the mood of the subject. The focus is the face of the person, although the background and entire body can also be included.

Still life photography is about clicking the images of non-moving objects. This photography is like a painting in which you have to start with an empty canvas and build up the subject matter from scratch. The success of still life images depends upon your creativity and imagination.

Winter is the coldest season and many one of us try to avoid getting out as much as possible. However, winter is beautiful in its own way and should not be underestimated. The bright snow in the winter can create very attractive photos. Photographers, who enjoy the challenges, enjoy photographing in winter season.

Travelling is full of joy and happiness and the best way to be relaxed from your busy schedule. While travelling, we get to know about the things by seeing and experiencing. Travelling helps to renew us, grace us with perspective and knowledge. Every place has its character, ambiance and look.

Typing is considered as a simple job among the home working women or moms. The job involves just typing certain information on the computer and saving it in file format. The software required for typing is also easily available. Typing just needs speed and accuracy to complete the job in given time period.

There are many advertisements everyday on internet or in newspapers which offer home based typing jobs.

Wedding is the most special and important part of one's life. You enter into a new world with someone who will be there with you in all your happiness and sorrows.

XanGo (LLC) Company was a juice marketing company which started in November 2002, in Lehi, Utah. The main attraction of this company was that it followed the strategy of multi-level marketing to promote its product. The name of the company was derived from mangosteen and xanthones which are powerful anti-oxidants. The company distributed and marketed the juice made from the mangosteen fruit along with eight other fruits. It also sold a skin care product called as 'Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care' and a nutritional supplement called as 'XanGo 3SIXTY5'.