If you not able to speak Polish language, it doesn’t mean that a visit to Warsaw theatres is waste of time. Warsaw has a reputation for wonderful and weird avant-garde theatres and there are plenty of extraordinary things to explore. The cultural as well as entertaining life of Warsaw theatres has plethora of amusement to offer for the cheerful visitors of polish capital. The theatres at Warsaw have different preferences and tastes.

The ballet and opera lovers are welcome to visit the Warsaw Chamber Opera and National Opera theatre. However, people who prefer specific ways of entertainment will adore musical shows and cabaret of Sabat Theatre. The Warsaw Chamber Opera was established in year 1961 by Stefan Sutkowski, who later known as its artistic director. The theatre is pursuing diverse kind of activities and the repertoire which has wide variety of genres as well as musical styles. The Warsaw Chamber Opera ensemble with concert featuring chambers that produces symphonic and oratorio music of various epochs.

The polish National Opera theatre has more than 200 year of tradition and offers work by world classic as well as polish composers such as Offenbach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and many others. The construction work of National Opera Theatre has taken place in 18th century from the designs of famous Italian architect Antonio Corazzi. One of the best parts of theatre was chirographical and ballet art. On the grand stages of National Opera theatre famous operas like ‘The Haunted Manor’ and ‘Halka’ has presented. The Sabat theater of Warsaw is linked to the traditional shows and variety if Pre-war cabarets. Attractive bright costumes, elegant styles, variety of music are the imperative features of Sabat. Popular musicians, singers, dancers and actors frequently perform on the stages of this highly admired theatre. Innovative methods, synchronization with modern authors, unusual ideas exemplify the demeanor of Sabat theatre.

In Warsaw theatre, the dynamic, colorful and amusement show possesses the impressive hits from the famous musical artists such as Hair and Moe. Many performances at these theatres are pertinent with both polish and foreign audiences. The incredible and charming atmospheres of Warsaw theatres can give you feel of the magic world of Parisian Bohemia. Giving visit to the club after opera performances is the nice way to exchange impressions and get acquainted with the famous Stars of Warsaw theatres.