Green Lifestyle

The transitional phase between summer and winter is called as the Spring Season. This is the period when temperatures start to rise, snow starts to melt, leaves bloom and flowers blossom on plants and trees. Some of us decide to paint the interiors and exteriors of our houses during this season before the onset of summer. Certain Institutions find it convenient to renovate their facilities during the season of spring before the commencement of a new business year.

Similarly some people think that spring is the right time to paint the boundary wall, fences, garages, and dog houses for giving them a vibrant look during the bright and sunny Spring Season. So, this spring enjoy the season in a ‘green’ way by using natural colours and non-toxic paints.

The flow of air or wind during the season of spring is irregular and directionless; this increases the risk of toxins flowing out in all directions possible and to a greater extent. The onset of spring season is witnessed by the melting of snow in the cold-temperate zones and glaciers. If these water-tracks made by melting snow come in contact with hazardous toxins then they may contaminate a major water-body and underground water-table. So, It is always advisable to use eco-friendly organic or natural paints to color the exteriors as well as the interiors of houses and other residential structures.

Moreover, make sure you also use natural colours in other things too. A sudden rise in the climatic temperature may have an effect over your metabolic rate and hence it is better to go for purely natural and organic food colorants instead of using the synthetic ones. Imagine your most loved delicacies of the spring season like puddings, cakes, pastries, chocolates and ice-creams all colored using natural and organic food colorants.

One should prefer wearing an organic or mineral makeup during the spring season because sweating and dry weather may allow the toxic synthetic chemicals to permeate through the skin. Spring is one of the most preferred seasons to travel and go out for picnics. While you are out of your homes make sure that you are wearing light colored clothes made up of organically produced fabric instead of the synthetic fibers. Spring is indicative of the fact that temperature has started to increase and synthetic clothes dyed using synthetic colorants may cause skin allergies and rashes.

Enjoy your spring by adopting a totally green-living and by strictly adhering to the nature’s law of ecological balance. Use more and more green, organic and natural solutions for coloring and decorating your homes and the surroundings.