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Number of researchers have a hawk’s eye on alternative energy sources which have proved themselves more superior to the conventional fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal that contain carbon and eventually contribute to global warming.

However researchers have their sight set in particular on hydrogen as it known to be one of the most plentiful available elements in universe and also it is clean, non-toxic and mainly eco-friendly. Possessions of these properties make people see it as an ideal energy carrier but it has always been tough to discover materials that can resourcefully and safely store and discharge it with fast kinetics under ambient temperature and pressure.

Research team from Virginia Commonwealth University; Peking University on Beijing and also the Chinese Academy of Science in Shanghai have built-up a process utilizing electric field that can considerably advance in storage of hydrogen fuel and also tackle its discharging issue.

  “Using an external electric field as another variable in our search for such a material will bring a hydrogen economy closer to reality” stated renowned professor of VCU Department of Physics, Puru Jena, Ph.D. He also said “This is a paradigm shift in the approach to store hydrogen. So far, the efforts have been on how to modify the composition of the storage material. Here we show that an applied electric field can do the same thing as doped metal ions.” He also added, "More importantly, it avoids many problems associated with doping metal ions such as clustering of metal atoms, poisoning of metal ions by other gases, and a complicated synthesis process. In addition, once the electric field is removed, hydrogen desorbs, making the process reversible with fast kinetics under ambient conditions."

 The research is supported by grants from the Foundation of National Laboratory for Infrared Physics, National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Grand Fundamental Research 973 Program of China and the U.S. National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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The transitional phase between summer and winter is called as the Spring Season. This is the period when temperatures start to rise, snow starts to melt, leaves bloom and flowers blossom on plants and trees. Some of us decide to paint the interiors and exteriors of our houses during this season before the onset of summer. Certain Institutions find it convenient to renovate their facilities during the season of spring before the commencement of a new business year.

Alcohol fuels also known as bioalcohols are generally are of organic rather than petroleum sources. All over the history alcohol has been used as fuel in spite of fossil fuels, which have become the leading energy resource for the modern world. There are actually four various sorts of bioalcohol: methanol, ethanol, propanol (propane) and butanol (butane). Let’s have a look over each one of them broadly.

Alternative fuels are advanced or non-conventional fuels which are produced from domestic materials or substances that are good substitutes to the conventional fuels. In order to reduce the world-wide mounting reliability of imported oil and pondering about the environmental concerns, national government recommends all the inhabitants to reinstate conventional fuels ingestion with alternative fuels.

Do businesses only mean financial profit? Do companies with huge profits and sound balance sheets are really successful? Look at Chevron the giant oil company, which became synonymous for environmental and human rights abuses.

Environmental protection law is comparatively new form of code that targets to protect the basic resources of the Earth. All environmental protection law are related with the improving the sustainability of land, water and air. Environment protection laws are present in different forms and they are covered under numerous legal processes.

In Central California, in the Altamont Pass of the mountain range Diablo Range, there is a wind farm known as Altamont Pass wind farm. Altamont Pass wind farm is one of the most primitive wind farms in the United States.

Windmills are generally used to harness power of wind to perform mechanical work as well as generation of electricity.

A windmill is a machine or structure which converts wind energy into rotational energy with the help of blades known as sails. From over the period of time, the energy which is produced by windmill is used to grind grain into flour. Windmills also provide energy to windpumps, hammermills, saw mills and paper mills for obtaining fresh water from underground.

Biofuel commonly known as green fuel are products made from biological materials which can be used as fuels instead of fossil fuels. It is a type of renewable liquid fuel derived from plant and animal materials, which are found to be more eco-friendly than the widely-used fossil fuels that clout most of the world.

Cellulosic Ethanol is a type of  biofuel which is produced from non edible parts of plants, wood and shrubs and grasses. Cellulose is available for free, all around the world as it don't even require any plantation, it is already present in every type of plants and trees.