Green Lifestyle

Eco fashion is one of the latest trends in the fashion industry. Eco fashion or eco-friendly fashion is the expression of ecological, community and social consciousness through for-profit fashion design corporations. It is the production of stylish and high-fashion clothes that are produced without the use of pesticides and unfair labor. It mainly sees green clothing and design as a means of effective environmental and social change.

Now, there is a wide range of companies that offer well designed merchandise, from redesigned and recycled clothing, sustainable and organic garment and textile production, to a wide range of indigenous support cooperatives and community bridging the gap between high-fashion and traditional craft. Here is a brief look at some of the best eco fashion brands from the fashion industry.

Katharine E Hamnett

Katharine E Hamnett is a famous eco-fashion label founded by Katharine Hamnett, a renowned English fashion designer. She is a true ethical clothing pioneer as well as a tireless campaigner for the use of organic cotton. Katharine Hamnett has been working to raise consumer awareness of environmental issues in the clothing industry. The Katharine E Hamnett is an eco fashion label, in which the “E” stands for environmentally and ethically sound production. Katharine Hamnett's iconic slogan tees are made to the highest environment-friendly standards and are the height of eco-chic.

Piece x Piece

Piece x Piece is a renowned women's sustainable fashion label which only works with pre-consumer textile waste as its material base. The label is a personal response to the overwhelming amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. It is based on the idea that existing materials are a precious resource with untapped potential. The label is founded by Elizabeth Brunner, a famous fashion designer. They use fabric samples as both the material as well as the inspiration for carefully composed one-of-a-kind garments. The label is a representation of Elizabeth's experiences, values and philosophy.

People Tree

People Tree is an award winning Fair Trade fashion label. It is a self-named Fair-Trade fashion pioneer that can boast impeccable eco-credentials. Fashion designer Safia Minney is the founder of People Tree. The label mainly aims to use only organic and Fair Trade cotton, sources locally, uses strictly natural dyes and chooses recycled and redesigned products over synthetics.

Annie Greenabelle

Annie Greenabelle is a world-known ethical women's clothing label. It is one of those brands that instantly debunk ideas that the ethical fashion can't be both stylish and green. The garments of this label are made from organic and Fair Trade certified cotton. Annie Greenabelle offers a variety of styles including coats, dresses, tops, bags and bottoms. Their garments are designed in-house and the farmers abide by international organic standards and are paid a fair price. Combining recycled and organically grown fabrics, her party dresses are a must for green goddesses.