Renewable Energy

In Central California, in the Altamont Pass of the mountain range Diablo Range, there is a wind farm known as Altamont Pass wind farm. Altamont Pass wind farm is one of the most primitive wind farms in the United States.

After the 1970s energy crisis, this wind farm was constructed in response to good tax policies for investors. In 1981, Altamont Pass wind farm was built and since then it was continuously upgraded with turbines of different technologies. At one point of time, this wind farm was the largest wind farm in the world in terms of capacity. Still Altamont Pass wind farm is the biggest concentration of wind turbines across the globe with a capacity of 576 MW. Altamont Pass wind farm is having more than 4900 small wind turbines of different kind. The turbines of this wind farm form lines spreading out on the hilltops and scattered around an area of about 15 kilometers in diameter.

In terms of number of turbines, Altamont Pass wind farm is the world’s largest wind farm. Several small wind turbines are being eventually replaced with more cost effective and much larger turbines. The small turbines are unsafe or hazardous to different birds that hunt ground squirrels of California in the Altamont Pass. Recent data suggests that annually 7,300 to 9,600 birds are killed due to wind operations in the Altamont Pass wind farm.