Renewable Energy

Windmills are generally used to harness power of wind to perform mechanical work as well as generation of electricity.

Applications of windmills are as follows –

  • Large Scale Electric Power Generation- Huge numbers of windmills are installed on a single site called as wind farms to produce large scale electric power from wind.Small Scale Electric Power Generation- Single windmill can be installed in remote locations to produce electricity, where connection to the general electric network is not available
  • Pumping Water for Irrigation- Windmill is used for pumping of water from the well for agricultural purposes.
  • Milling Grain- Windmills are used to grind grain, cut wood and supply water in some locations where electricity is not available.
  • Windmills in Warfare- Initially, windmills were used as watchtowers because they were constructed on the tops of hills or mountains.
  • The energy produced by windmill does not generate any pollution, which is an infinite source of energy.
  • As windmill generates energy from wind it does not require fuel.
  • It does not create greenhouse gases.
  • It does not produce toxic or radioactive waste.
  • It is also used for driving all sorts of mechanical devices for manufacturing.
  • Windmill is generally used to convert wind energy into rotational energy with the help of blades.
  • Windmills provide energy to windpumps, hammermills, saw mills and paper mills for obtaining fresh water from underground.
  • In current scenario windmill technology is at its best and the wind turbines promises to be a vital alternative to fossil fuel.
  • Energy produce by windmill is cheap.
  • It is a renewable energy source.
  • When wind energy is produced it does not create any ill effect on environment.
  • Wind power is the cheapest source of energy that is available in current arena.
  • The operating cost of windmill is very low.
  • Wind energy provides jobs in production, maintenance, research and installations of windmills, as windmills are becoming popular.
  • Windmills produce electricity at 5 cents kilowatt per hour.
  • Current windmills with 2 or 3 thin blades connected to a long pole type base add a more modern aesthetic to land.