College Life

Every student desires that they shouldn’t have fights with their parents, so the best thing is to avoid arguments altogether. Many parents fail to understand that you’re growing up and changing which makes it difficult for you to prove that you’re responsible enough and need not be instructed every time. Fights usually happen due to miscommunication or simply conceit. You need to find out the reasons for your fights and thus avoid them in future.

Here are a few tips to avoid fights with your parents.

  • Make your parents understand that you’re responsible and wise enough so that the arguments do not take place. Give them an assurance that you can make sensible choices when you are in the real world and they can supervise you.

  • Be calm during the fights. When you sense that your parents are about to yell at you, focus on something else or leave the place. Yelling at each other will make the situation even more worse as humans have the tendency to defend themselves when frustrated.

  • Slow down and reflect on the things. Take things a bit slower which will help you in recognizing and sorting out your feelings. If you recognize that you’re feeling angry or annoyed on your family; it may help you in keeping away from them for sometime.

  • Count numbers till ten. This may sound as a cliché but it works very well. Take a deep breath, count slowly till ten and question yourself why you feel as such.

  • Do not question your dad’s view on the spot and don’t criticize him straightaway. Slow down and figure out a better time to discuss your point of view with him.

  • Remember, fighting wont help you in solving the problems. You may not feel cogent, but keep your cool and use your heads. There are better ways to find solutions to your problems and address the issue calmly with a clear head.

  • Always stay calm and respect your parents. Never raise your voice or slam the door. Remember you have to avoid fight with your parents. Listen to their point of view and tell them if you disagree. Never yell at them or give them harsh looks. This will create more indifference amongst you.

  • If you’re fights are getting worse then consider going to family therapy. People with professional training might understand the source of the problem and will help in solving the problem.

  • If you do something that annoys your parents, make an effort to stop it. Show them that you’re genuinely making an effort to avoid the fights.

  • As a last resort have patience with your parents. It will be frustrating when you cant agree with your parents but try and think from their point of view. Remember that you’re parents want the best for you.

Always remember this golden rule: your parents have more wisdom and experience than you. If you’re a minor, your parents will make decisions for you. Learn how to work with them and not against them.