Bendheim Center of Finance which was founded in 1998 with the purpose of promoting the interdisciplinary financial research on the areas of finance, especially from mathematical and quantitative aspects.

The research center basically focuses on the study about financial markets as well as asset prices, bank as well as some of the other financial intermediaries, financial structure of companies, as well as the relationship of economics as well as other fields such as engineering, operations research, mathematics, computer science, psychology and politics.

The financial center displays a yearly report every year – and the issue of 2010/2011 series can also be found over here

The center provides an undergraduate certificate in the field of Finance which was introduced during 1999, a master's degree with Finance which was introduced in 2001 as well as hosts about 20 students who are Ph.D. holders and working in the same faculty with their teachers.

The financial center also provides the research facility for the students of particular faculty, and conducts various events and seminars with the purpose of increasing the skills and effectiveness of the students and maintains a strong financial position.

The Bendheim Center’s Advisory Council itself is a group of distinct financial leaders in the  field of finance.

On 24 September 2010 celebrated its 10th Anniversary called as ten years of Bendheim Center of Finance. It is currently situated in the former Dial Lodge.