American Sports University is a private, nonprofit university business in San Bernardino, California, is presently pertaining for authorization. It has been accustomed abiding sanction to administer from the Vocational Education of the State of California and Bureau for Clandestine Postsecondary.

American Sports University is amid in city-limits San Bernardino, abreast the celebrated courthouse and the offices of Congressman Joe Baca and Senator Barbara Boxer.

ASU opened its doors in autumn 2006. Dr. Donald Singer, President of the University, and Dr. Harry Hwang is the founder and chairperson of the Board. Numerous buildings that comprise the accepted ASU campus were aforetime common by the San Bernardino Sun. The architecture underwent all-encompassing renovations to board classrooms. The campus is advance over two blocks, and includes tuition, a bedroom, the gym, ASU, and the architecture of the approaching nursing academy to accessible in 2011-2012.

The momentous Fox Theatre of San Bernardino is as well as allotment of ASU's campus. The architectural advice of the atypical architecture has been reinstating.

The university has put a appeal to catechumen a allocation of the fourth alpha in city-limits St. Campus and a aisle to a sports-oriented top academy in the city.

Since December 2010, the American Sports University, an ACE-certified training administrator and the analysis site. Students are able to apprentice the training acceptance assay casual ACE claimed training and yield the analysis on campus. American Sports University is the alone ACE-certified account ally throughout the Inland Empire.

American Sports University offers several programs accompanying to sports.