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One of Australia’s leading universities, La Trobe University is a multi-campus university located in Victoria. It is the third oldest university in the state which has been one of country’s pioneering universities for over forty years. Since 2003, it has been consistently ranked among world’s top 500 universities delivering

academic excellence and innovation. With its high-quality education and world-class research, La Trobe is leading the way in higher education and is committed to deliver industry-ready graduates with its world-class teaching, learning and research.

Established in 1967 by an Act of Victorian Parliament, La Trobe University was named after the first Superintendent of the district of Port Phillip, Charles Joseph La Trobe. It was the third university to open in Victoria with 552 students enrolled at the time of its establishment. The university has developed a lot since then, and now it has seven campuses in Victoria that accommodate more than 30,000 students including around 7,600 international students from more than 90 countries, and 3,000 staff.

The campuses are set in a diverse and unique environment, the main campus of La Trobe being located in Melbourne in a beautiful bushland setting covering 500 acres of area. The other campuses include Bendigo campus which is the second largest campus of La Trobe, Albury-Wodonga campus which is a great place to live, Franklin Street campus which houses several research centers, Shepparton campus which provides a relaxed environment for its students, Mildura campus, and the Beechworth campus. The university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with 425 degree programs offered through five major faculties that include Law and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Education, Health Sciences, Science, and Technology and Engineering.

La Trobe offers a Bachelor of Media Studies that is best described as a vocationally oriented degree that will help students to develop a broad understanding of the social, cultural, economical and political role of media in world. Students interested in media can opt to do specializations from Video Production, Print Journalism and Radio/Audio Production. In La Trobe, Print Journalism is the only specialization program available in the area of Journalism.

La Trobe is strongly committed to internationalization with over 200 international links to research, training and exchange that include encouraging students to develop international experience, development of an internationalized curriculum and research programs.

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