It is the official language in 29 countries and has about 200 million speakers who speak it as a first and second language. The United Nation and many other international organizations also have French as one of their official language.

It is very essential to know few basic questions and answers in Portuguese before landing up in Portuguese speaking nations.Get aquainted with few necessary questions and answers which will be beneficial for you in Portuguese speaking nations.

There are many reasons for learning a foreign language, from working in other country to discovering your roots, via travel, romance, secret communication and intellectual curiosity. However, dedication and time are required for learning foreign languages.

German language is an easy-to-learn language and is spoken by over 120 million people across the globe. German language is a member of the Indo- European language family and is national and official language of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It also enjoys official status in Italy (South Tirol), Belgium (East Cantons), Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. Moreover, it is an important language in the new economies of Eastern and Central Europe and European Union. If one wants to explore few developed countries of world, then he or she must learn German language.