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Ice wine is basically a dessert wine which is renowned for its full body and fruity taste along with its great aroma. Various grapes are used for producing ice wine; some of the most common ones are Vidal Blanc, Riesling and Cabernet Franc.The largest producers of ice wine in the world are Germany and Canada.

In Canada, almost 75 % of the ice wines come from Ontario. It is also said that the content of alcohol in ice wine is comparatively lesser than that in the regular table wines. Listed here are 10 unknown facts about ice wine-

  • Harvesting of grapes for making ice wine is most probably done by hand and that also during night time or at dawn.

  • As soon as the frozen grapes are harvested, they are directly brought to the wineries where the pressing takes place. It is also seen that après cycle takes 5-6 hours to complete.

  • Ice wines, principally made from Riesling, can last till 10 years but it doesn’t happen so. They are always prepared young as well as fresh.

  • There are only a few areas that regularly experience the cold climatic conditions that are suitable for ice wine. In the other areas, mostly late harvesting is carried out.

  • Even though the winemaker has determined flavors, the harvest has to wait until the temperature of -8 °C (15 F) has been reached and the grapes are frozen solid.

  • At the end of grape season i.e. October, the varietals that are usually harvested for making table wine are left on the vine well and used for making the ice wine.

  • It is said that once opened, ice wine can last for 3-5 days only if it is re-corked and stored in refrigerator. But the truth behind that is, the aging of ice wine completely depends upon the grapes that are used for making it.

  • The characteristic sweetness, concentrated flavor and acidity of ice wine depend upon the frozen water that has been pressed out from the frozen berries.

  • There are times when the temperature turns down and the process of "magical-refrigerator" begins. So, the grapes are being protected from rotting by the cold temps and it also allows it to transform the flavors from itself.

  • One of the most exciting things is to blend 10 ice cubes with a bottle of ice wine and enjoy some extra coolness along with refreshing treat. This would give you more sense of party pleasing.