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French Quiche Lorraine hails from the mountainous regions of Lorraine in France, hence the name French Quiche Lorraine. The quiche is a rich egg pie and is a filling meal by itself.

Quiche Lorraine over the years had been through to a lot of change. It’s changed from a custard and bacon pie to a substantial bacon, egg and cheese creation today.

Quiche is open-faced savory pastry shell pie with flavorful custard filling of vegetables, meat and cheese. The dish is at times regarded as the savory equivalent of custard tart. The dish is an all time favorite of the French people and is considered as an ideal idea for a brunch dish. It is usually served at room temperatures or is chilled so that the custard could be firm.

It is a popular belief that the quiche originated from France however, the crust of the quiche was originally from Germany. Many food historians are unsure about the pastry shell’s history. Nevertheless, it was the French who invented Quiche Lorraine by adding bacon to the wonder food; cheese was added much later to the dish.

Quiche Lorraine traditionally had a crust that was prepared using bread dough. It’s interesting to know that Quiche Lorraine did not contain any meats and hence was considered to be an important food of Catholic France during the meatless days in the liturgical calendar. However, Quiche Au Lard became most popular because it contained pork. Quiche Lorraine now is an egg custard that contains bits of pork, minced bacon, Gruyere and a generous pinch of nutmeg.

Slowly but steadily, Quiche gained its share of popularity in England in the early 1950’s. Julia Childs has been recognized for introducing the “Quiche to cooks” in the U.S. Her Quiche Lorraine recipe does not include bacon but includes cheese. In 1970’s Quiche was typically served as brunch or dinner in the U.S.

Quiche Lorraine today is a fluffy and light pastry filled with different ingredients of one’s choice. They are baked in the oven and preferred to be eaten hot or at room temperatures. Nevertheless, some prefer their quiche even chilled.