Convention of the Rights of Children of United Nations is presently the most popular and widely accepted form of Human Rights Instrument for children. It came in to force in 1989 to create awareness and acceptance of child rights. It is the first international legally binding instrument that incorporates an entire range of rights – social, cultural, economic, civil and political rights of children. It has been ratified by all the countries in the world except Somalia and United States.

Children in Africa are facing violation of child rights due to the inhumanly practices like child labor, child abuse, early marriage, child trafficking and many more. Poverty is cited as the reason as well as consequence of this situation. According to a survey conducted by the International Labor Organization, it was found that 41% of children in Africa between the age of 5 and 14 were involved in some form of economic activity. Hence, it is not surprising that Africa is the poorest region with the weakest system of schools. International organizations like UNICEF, government as well as non government organizations are taking seamless efforts to bring a change in the condition of children in Africa.

As I travelled to almost all parts of the world, I also had high demand in Japan. When I was featured in 1985, I wore an eye-catching red kimono along with the flowers of spring. My black hair were pulled away from my face and tied with a white and red hair band. I got a very glamorous look in Japan with the traditional lifestyle and clothing of Japan.

What do you a call a world where 8 year old boy was handed a gun and made to kill an old man or a 15 year old girl was made to kill a boy who was trying to escape or a girl watching silently as another boy got killed for helping a friend to escape? Can a person even imagine the plight of a boy who is forcefully made to kill his own family before being taken away to fight a war

As my popularity increased, I was not just limited to one continent, I went beyond it and spanned across the whole world. People from virtually every country demanded for presence of the fashion doll with them. To suit the needs as well as customs, I was later introduced to them in the manner that could connect to them. Similar, was the demand from the Indians.

World is changing, progressing and developing continuously and globalization has made the world more interdependent, interrelated and interactive. But is this progress worth the efforts that people are putting in as the future is dim and unclear. Today’s children are this world’s future. But with the rising exploitation of the children in different ways, the chances of the world’s progress in future are meager. The children today are facing a high risk of getting exploited and one of the prime ways of this exploitation is child labor.

Everyone loves me, as I was an ideal doll of the generation. I was described as a long-legged blonde who achieved golden moments in the world of dolls. I enjoyed and shared a lot of things with my friends. My all time good friends were Midge, Christie, Julia, DeeDee and many more. Some of them were African American dolls, some were celebrity dolls and some were even from rock groups.