Convention of the Rights of Children of United Nations is presently the most popular and widely accepted form of Human Rights Instrument for children. It came in to force in 1989 to create awareness and acceptance of child rights. It is the first international legally binding instrument that incorporates an entire range of rights – social, cultural, economic, civil and political rights of children. It has been ratified by all the countries in the world except Somalia and United States.

Children in Africa are facing violation of child rights due to the inhumanly practices like child labor, child abuse, early marriage, child trafficking and many more. Poverty is cited as the reason as well as consequence of this situation. According to a survey conducted by the International Labor Organization, it was found that 41% of children in Africa between the age of 5 and 14 were involved in some form of economic activity. Hence, it is not surprising that Africa is the poorest region with the weakest system of schools. International organizations like UNICEF, government as well as non government organizations are taking seamless efforts to bring a change in the condition of children in Africa.

As I travelled to almost all parts of the world, I also had high demand in Japan. When I was featured in 1985, I wore an eye-catching red kimono along with the flowers of spring. My black hair were pulled away from my face and tied with a white and red hair band. I got a very glamorous look in Japan with the traditional lifestyle and clothing of Japan.

What do you a call a world where 8 year old boy was handed a gun and made to kill an old man or a 15 year old girl was made to kill a boy who was trying to escape or a girl watching silently as another boy got killed for helping a friend to escape? Can a person even imagine the plight of a boy who is forcefully made to kill his own family before being taken away to fight a war

As my popularity increased, I was not just limited to one continent, I went beyond it and spanned across the whole world. People from virtually every country demanded for presence of the fashion doll with them. To suit the needs as well as customs, I was later introduced to them in the manner that could connect to them. Similar, was the demand from the Indians.

World is changing, progressing and developing continuously and globalization has made the world more interdependent, interrelated and interactive. But is this progress worth the efforts that people are putting in as the future is dim and unclear. Today’s children are this world’s future. But with the rising exploitation of the children in different ways, the chances of the world’s progress in future are meager. The children today are facing a high risk of getting exploited and one of the prime ways of this exploitation is child labor.

Everyone loves me, as I was an ideal doll of the generation. I was described as a long-legged blonde who achieved golden moments in the world of dolls. I enjoyed and shared a lot of things with my friends. My all time good friends were Midge, Christie, Julia, DeeDee and many more. Some of them were African American dolls, some were celebrity dolls and some were even from rock groups.

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A cat needs a balanced diet containing vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Cat mostly eats meat and remains of the food. The cat's teeth are not designed to chew the food and so, it swallows the food. Therefore, a cat should be fed with proper diet which is healthy for it. Some of the ideas mentioned below will help you to give a balanced diet to your cat.

Not all dogs like water, so giving most dogs a bath becomes a struggle. There are some pooches that will run and hide under a bed the very moment they know that a bath is coming their way.

This may be different with dogs that love water such as Labrador Retrievers, which were used in hunting and retrieving ducks in water bodies. For bathing all these dogs, there is Vet recommended and approved system called the hydrobath.

Diet of your horse is an important component for its good health. Its diet depends on amount of pasture you access and amount of exercise your horse receives. Here are some tips for feeding your horse-

American Foursquare dining room furniture is identified with its clean and straight lines. Furniture for American Foursquare dining room is simple and natural in appearance. Its focus is mainly on wooden furniture, earth tones and straight lines in crisscross form to create long rectangular shapes.

Beach style is evoked by easy living, sunny skies, deep blue ocean, salty air, breathing warm and feeling the pounding drum of waves on sandy and smooth seashore. Beach homes are appropriate places to live relaxed by soothing water sound.

A beach home living room gets its color scheme straight from the sea. Fabric color tones range from earthy tones to vibrant colors of the sky, sun, coral reefs and tropical fishes. Furniture designs create a visual glimpse with natural and woven textures from materials like rattan, wicker or ceramic tile.

The Dubai Shopping Festival, which started in the year 1996, is a retail event that takes place in Dubai every year. Its chief aim is to invigorate the retail trade taking place in Dubai each year. It has also been used to promote tourism in Dubai. This large scale event takes place in the first quarter of every year and lasts for an entire month. On an average, approximately three million people visit this festival every year.

Christmas is one of the holiest festivals celebrated around the world. People spend this fantastic time with their friends, families and loved ones. During Christmas, everyone comes together forgetting the enmity and celebrates this beautiful time together. People gift their families and loved ones with lots of toys and their favorite things. Are you looking for a gift for your son? If yes, then take a look.

Everyone on your list can be gifted with wines for enjoying a perfect holiday gift. Sending them an impressive holiday wine gift or a holiday gift basket that features an exclusive wine from some of the undiscovered vineyards in the world can be a great thing to do.

The consequences caused by eating Fast Food are really bad! As the consumption of fast food is increasing, the ill effects caused due to it are also increasing. The side effects of fast food on human body are increasing day by day.

Diet is a crucial factor in skin care. Eating right and healthy food for all body parts including skin is very important. There is a relationship between food and healthy skin and hence, it is said, “You are what you eat!”.Even if you're born with a beautiful and healthy skin but you're eating all wrong food, you can damage your skin.

Having a bath in a bath tub is a fun experience, even children love having a nice buddle bath. The reason why bathing in a bath tub is so good is because; you can let your body soak in all the nutrients and fragrance that you have added to the water in the bath tub.

 Every year and every season evolves and brings changes in trends for wedding as almost every aspect of wedding planning has advanced over time.

Did you know that men yearn lots of pre-sex teasing? You need to do something more than a touch to prepare your guy for nooky, but know this: If you are spending time in naughty pre-play, you’re actually paving the way for more delight than ever.

Christmas, the time of festivities and family, brings with it celebrations and gifts. If you are looking for a thoughtful Christmas gift for your wife, finding an ideal can be a tough task.

Ice wine is basically a dessert wine which is renowned for its full body and fruity taste along with its great aroma. Various grapes are used for producing ice wine; some of the most common ones are Vidal Blanc, Riesling and Cabernet Franc.The largest producers of ice wine in the world are Germany and Canada.

French Quiche Lorraine hails from the mountainous regions of Lorraine in France, hence the name French Quiche Lorraine. The quiche is a rich egg pie and is a filling meal by itself.

Sparkling wine is type of wine in which considerable amount of carbon dioxide present which makes it extremely fizzy. Carbon dioxide is a result of natural fermentation which takes place in bottle or large pressurized tank.

Bringing your newborn home can be very exciting and a wonderful feeling for every new parent. Your baby experiences the world in a very different way. Each day is like a milestone for you and your baby. Your baby totally depends on you for his basic needs. For first few weeks you and your baby develop a bond which helps your baby to grow and develop emotionally as well as physically.

I am a new mum and I am experiencing the new world of motherhood. There I was holding my bundle of joy in my arm and tears rolling down my cheek. The feeling running through my mind was just amazing. No words to describe. The most wonderful and precious gift that I could ever had was my newborn baby.

Parenting doesn't have a fixed module or cannot be learnt in a crash course. It is developed by parents over a period of time. There are instances where parents shift the gears from caring and supporting their children to becoming violent and harsh on them. In this process there are many mistakes which are bound to occur.

Teachers play an important role in the development of children, so it is important to let the teachers know what they mean to you. Teacher shapes child's educational ideas, gives him a desire to learn and sometimes becomes a friend or counselor when things aren't perfect in his life. And what is a better way to express gratitude towards your teacher than thanking with a gift basket! Homemade gift baskets make excellent gifts for your teacher. You can create your own gift basket and can fill it up with variety of treats you know your teacher loves.

After a baby is born, people often forget to buy presents for the new mom. Everyone just focuses on gifts for new baby, to remind her she is still special create a gift basket for mom by putting useful items that will be greatly appreciated by her. Here are few tips to make gift basket for new mom:

Stylish looks does not refer to wearing what others do. It actually means being your own self. Your look and style should portray your personality and you should not be recognized by people as resembling some actor or actress from movies. Agreed that whatever you see in movies, advertisements or on other media platforms affects your sense of style immensely and you tend to follow the same.