Before 1989, I had visited many places including Korea and Canada. Being originally from Wisconsin and studying in New York I was always free spirited and always enjoyed seeing new places and learning the cultures and traditions. In 1989, I went and I was amazed.

As it was my first time in Mexico and being used to the scorching sun I got tanned.But I enjoyed it so much that I did not care. For me Mexico was all Spanish and so, tried the Spanish look. I got dressed in a just-below-the-knee Orange skirt, which had a white lace, representing the heat and bright days of Mexico. I chose to wear a white blouse with small red flower designs near the neck over the skirt as white would not absorb the heat and I also wore a mantilla hat. While shopping in the local market, I found these really gorgeous hoop earrings and a red neckpiece which I just couldn’t resist buying.

Then I went to a world tour moving from one country to another. I had trips to Europe, Asia and Australia visiting the various countries and seeing various cultures. I came back Mexico in 1996 and the Mexicans with open arms and even more open hearts greeted me ‘Bienvenidos’. It was their fiesta season and I just loved the colors there. I was so impressed by them that I inculcated their flag colors in my dress. I wore a frilled white skirt with big red flowers and green leaves. I continued a white blouse but this time around it had little bigger flowers with puffed sleeves. I was totally in the fiesta mood. My hair had grown longer and I wore them in pleats like the other Mexican beauties and also put a big flower in my hair.

In 2004, I was invited at a grand costume party by a Mexican friend. I was looking forward to my third trip to this sun burnt and rustic land. I chose to dress up like a Princess of Ancient Mexico. Knowing Mexico’s history was all the more interesting. Mexico was gifted with such rich culture. I chose to wear an ancient Aztec princess dress, the ancient Aztec temples in Mexico City touched my heart during my last visit. I wore bright colors and accessorized with gold and feathers. I also held a royal fan with a golden handle, which added glitz to my look. I just enjoyed wearing that golden crown decorated with feathers.

This was about my three visits to Mexico and the different looks that I got to adorn. While leaving I just said I want come back to this Land of Tropical Splendor, Mucho Gusto.