Attitude towards children has undergone a dramatic change in Europe and awareness has developed regarding the needs of children plus the special protection that is required. It also shows a concern that children are legal subjects and are holders of rights. This was the beginning when Europe decided to have a strong hand for safeguarding the rights of children.

Kids are innocent and loveliest humans on earth. They not only differ from adults in stature but also mentally. Kids always live happily but adults fail to live a stress-free life. You must have heard from some kid that he wants to become a doctor or pilot when asked about his dream. How easily he gives you the answer? This is because kids always imagine and think about their dreams positively. Living in the company of kids makes you happy due to their way of living life so easily.

Recently Disney came to an overwhelming decision of dropping junk food ads during the telecast of children programming. This is seen more as a good PR move rather than an ethical one as marketing to kids have quietly evolved from television to other digital media. The need of searching alternatives for advertising to kids? There’s $1.12 trillion at stake, which is the amount spent by parents via kids influence.

There used to be a time when a small kid used to watch cartoons on a well-placed television spot on Saturday and Sunday mornings or even a kid friendly image on the cereal box was all it took to grab the attention.

Social media sites have gained immense popularity and following over recent years and its benefits are not only being used individuals all over the world, but also by companies who are using it as a platform for marketing their products. Social networking sites are used as a means of connecting to people, without barriers of distance and demographics. These sites are meant for adults only and hence, they have got age limitations to make sure kids do not create their profiles. Despite the age limit set, there are millions of kids who have their profiles on various networking sites and even though their presence is known, nothing much can be done about it.

Barbie dolls are one of the most preferred toys for small girls who love dressing them up and playing with them. But apart from being one of the favorite toys for kids, there is another reason why Barbie dolls have been in limelight. This reason is – controversies; Barbie has got criticized often leading to controversies, on many occasions, over past decades. Mattel Inc. launched Barbie dolls in 1959, created from inspiration from a German doll called ‘Bild Lilli’. Since then, these have been best friends for little girls and even teenagers. One of the popular controversies that Barbie dolls faced was when Mattel Inc. released the ‘Teen Talking Barbie’.

Many parents complain that their kids have become too aggressive, disobedient and stubborn, clueless on reasons behind this behavior. In fact, cases of children beating friends, personal assaults, etc. are extreme forms of this aggressive attitude and behavior. There are variety of reasons like unemployment, racism, abuse etc that leads to aggression in adults but when it is evident in kids, one of the prime reasons is violent media content. Kids are exposed to violence, in several forms of media like advertisements, video games and even cartoons.

Marketing to children in this era has increased beyond limits and the main reason of concern for this new age marketing is that it often misleads children. Kids are immature, so they cannot distinguish between advertisement and the television show. They are also too young to realize ill-effects of certain products marketed to them, for example junk food. Whether the products benefit the kids or not, companies portray them as ‘functional’ products as kids are one of the best consumers available in the market and companies are only focus on their profits, revenue and market share.