Parenting doesn't have a fixed module or cannot be learnt in a crash course. It is developed by parents over a period of time. There are instances where parents shift the gears from caring and supporting their children to becoming violent and harsh on them. In this process there are many mistakes which are bound to occur.

Parents frequently use the phrase, “When I was your age ....” Generally, children aren’t interested in how much you were better than them or how hard you worked for achieving a comfort situation.

So, avoid using this phrase as it won’t help in transforming your child into an ideal kid

  • Many times parents take ownership of their child's problem. These problems are nothing but the challenges and when child faces these challenges he will able to take decision independently, then if required you can help him to solve his problem but don't take whole responsibility of the problem.
  • Many parents build a relationship with their children based on fear and they often say that,

“Do your study”, “Don't go to play”, or “Clean your room” and much more. Parents often expect that child should obey their request or orders, but when your request becomes command then your expectation is false. Therefore, before expecting anything first check your behavior with him.

  • Sometimes parents have lot of expectations from their children that may be unattainable. In such case parents force their child to fulfil their expectations and that may create a negative effect. so parents must consider child's ability and then set the goals accordingly. In other words don't expect mature behaviour from your child.
  • Children learn much from their elders and because of this; wrong behavior of elders may go on wrong way therefore you have to be very careful when you are in front of your children. Try to avoid conflict in front of your child.
  • Don't shout on your child frequently, it will create negative impact. It may happen that your child will not take you seriously. Whenever you want anything from your child then try to him in proper way.
  • Kids are always demanding attention from parents. Parents often forget this thing (and are connected with them physically but not mentally or emotionally). So always try to know the feelings of your children.
  • It also happens frequently that parents compare their kid with other kids or with siblings. It is a serious mistake because of this kid may not take their parents seriously or get jealous of the other person. Therefore try to avoid such comparison.
  • Most of the time teenagers find that their parents are not with them, and this happens when parents corrects them too much or try to have much control over them, in such case children may use back talk and this is not good for your children's future.
  • Parents often criticize their child, which makes them frustrated. So always try to encourage your child with good outputs.